Broad Peak Avalanche

An avalanche was triggered today early morning from Broad Peak Camp 1; seven climbers were on the way to camp 1 and unfortunately came in the way of avalanche resulting in minor injuries. It was later reported that one Pakistani high altitude porter has gone missing and two lady climbers are seriously injured: one Japanese and one Chinese.

Broad Peak climbing Route.
Broad Peak climbing Route.

The latest update came through Joe Ashkar, who is climbing K2 with Madison Mountaineering expedition. Joe reported that Pakistani high altitude porter as died, he wrote on his blog:

“1 fatality and 2 injuries including a serious one”

I contacted few climbers in the base camp to find out about it, I was told that Pakistani HAP was hit really hard by the avalanche. Sherpas launched rescue operation right away, but could not find him. Pakistani HAP is presumed dead by rescue team, he is probably under the debris and team is still trying to find him.

K2 base camp after heavy snow fall. Source:
K2 base camp after heavy snow fall. Source:

Teams have completed acclimatization, so it is a waiting game for everyone now. Coming Thursday/Friday are forecasted as good summit push days, some teams choose to leave base camp today with intention of summit push. There was heavy snow fall last night, so most of the teams decided to let this window pass and wait for next one, fresh snow always brings avalanche danger when followed by hot weather and sometime winds.

For live updates on mountaineering: @NorthmenPk on Twitter and on fb.


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