Broad Peak Avalanche Update: body recovered & and awaiting heli evacuation

There was an avalanche yesterday morning and climbers ascending from base camp to Camp 1 came in the way, one of them went missing (presumed dead) and there were two badly injured lady climbers, one from Japan and other from China.

Broad Peak climbing Route.
Broad Peak climbing Route.

The body of missing Pakistani porter has been recovered from the debris and unfortunate death has been confirmed by the base camp team. Chris Burke wrote about the Pakistani porter on her blog:

“Only yesterday, he was bringing gear back from crampon point for another climber and I walked the last 20 minutes to base camp with him. We arrived at a melting section of ice where we needed to cross a creek. He began smashing the ice with his foot to make a platform for us to step onto. Without hesitation, he then extended his hand. I took his hand as I heaved across the rushing creek, and we then walked the last few minutes together back to camp. He made an impression on everyone at our camp.”

I choose not to disclose injured Japanese lady climber’s name yesterday, because I was not sure whether her family is informed or not. Name of lady climber is Sumiyo Tsuzuki, she was climbing with Summit Climb team led by Julian Beermann and she was struck really bad by the avalanche. Sumiyo Tsuzuki has a misplaced shoulder and an open broken ankle. She has been treated by doctors in the base camp, but injuries are severe and she needs heli-evacuation. Helicopters are on hold in Skardu but could not fly yesterday due to bad weather and same situation today.

For live updates on mountaineering: @NorthmenPk on Twitter and on fb.


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