Autumn 2015: List of successful Manaslu ascents

Sep  30 

Team: Seven Summit Treks International

1. Santiago Quintero from Ecuador

2. Victor Hugo Rimac from Peru

3. Daniel Stuart Trevena from Australia

4. Philippe Jean Marty from France

5. Vincent Jean Callet from France

6. Boyan Petrov Petrov from Bulgaria

7. Gaimpaolo Corona from Italy

8. Lu Shuigu from China

9. Gilian Kit Wai Lee from Australia

10. Cheji Norbu Sherpa

11. Mingma Thenduk Sherpa

12. Ang Dawa Sherpa

13. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa

14. Changbabu Sherpa

15. Mingma Sherpa

Oct 01

Team: Seven Summit Treks International (2nd team)

15 members of Chinese expedition, Arnold Coster and 9 Sherpas.

Team: Summit Climb

1. Jean Luc Bremond

2. Marin Minamiya

3. Daniel Trevena

4. Dan Mazur

5. Jangbu Sherpa

6. NaTenji Sherpa

Team: Amical (German expedition) 

4 members

Team: Czech Expedition

1. Pavel

2. Polda

3. Kšandy

Team: Kobler and Partners

1. Andreas Neuschmid

2. Rudi

3. Jürgen

4. Stephan

5. Kancha Sherpa

6. Pemba Sherpa

7. Gyaltsen (Sherpa)

Sherpas on summit. Pic: K&P team
Sherpas on summit. Pic: K&P team

Team: Other climbers

1. Rainer Pircher

2. Zoltan Benedek (died on descend)

3. David Klein

Team: Indian

1. Debasish Biswas

2. Pemba Sherpa

Oct 02

Team: Amical (German exp)

1. Dominik Muller

There are more or less 80 summits on Manaslu in Autumn 2015, i will keep updating the list as soon i confirm more names. 

For live updates on mountaineering: @NorthmenPk on Twitter and on fb.


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