Nanga Light 15/16 Timeline

Dec 27 Arrived Nanga Parbat Base camp


Dec 28 Rest (Tomek went 300m higher to break trail)


Dec 29 Tomek and Elisabeth went ahead and spent night at around 4900m in middle of Ganalo couloir.


Dec 30 Climbed Ganalo pass and spent the night at around 5400/5500m.


Dec 31 Climbed higher on Ganalo and spent the night at around 5900/6000m on Ganalo. Arslan went 400m higher and got back to base camp. Very windy day.


Jan 01 Came back to base camp


Jan 02 and 03 Rest Days


Jan 04 Tom and Eli climbed to Ganalo pass and spent the night at 5400/5500m.


Jan 05 and 06 Descended on the glacier, Messner 2000 route. They spent two nights in the middle of the glacier.


Jan 07 Climbed higher to end of glacier and spent night there at around 6000m. Arslan climbed to 5200m and returned base camp same day.


Jan 08, 09 More nights end of glacier due to very fast wind.


Jan 10 Climbed serac to camp 3 and spent night at around 6700m.


Jan 11 Back to base camp


Jan 12-15 Rest in base camp.


Jan 13 Birthday of Tomek.


Jan 16 Ganalo Pass around 5500m.


Jan 17 Wind


Jan 18 Camp 2 at end of glacier.


Jan 19 Wind


Jan 20 Camp 3 above serac around 6700m


Tent in middle of Ganalo couloir at around 4900m.
Fast wind in Camp 3 6700m. Nanga Parbat Messner 2000 route.



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